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  • Oakmoss Absolute Oil

Oakmoss Absolute Oil

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Botanical Name:  Evernia prunastri

Plant Part: Lichen

Extraction Method: Solvent Extraction

Origin: France

Description:  Oakmoss, is a species of lichen. It can be found in many mountainous temperate forests throughout the Northern Hemisphere, including parts of France, Portugal, Spain, North America, and much of Central Europe.

Common Uses: Oakmoss Absolute is an amazing ingredient for aromatics such as perfumes, scented candles, incense sticks, room fresheners and soaps and other cosmetics.

Attention: Dilute before use; for external use only. May cause skin irritation in some individuals; a skin test is recommended prior to use. Contact with eyes should be avoided.

Care & Storage: It is recommended that oils be kept into dark glass containers away from direct light to maintain freshness and maximum shelf life.

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